Carol Hickson – Crescent Therapy




Hi, I’m Carol Hickson and I work with people who have decided that it’s time to change.  People who have realised that change has to come from within.  For most of us the thought of change is scary but if the same old same old isn’t giving you the life that you want then maybe it’s time to step out of your comfort zone.  Step out of the ordinary and into the extraordinary.  I use EFT, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, Mindfulness and Reiki to help people  instigate change and work on issues that have been holding them back. 

I used to live with anxiety, insomnia and chronic pain, waking up every day exhausted and in pain.  I lost a few years in this place and then one day I realised that I didn’t want to do this any more and if I was to sort myself out I had to take the responsibility back from the doctors and start at base camp, with myself.  Fundamentally, change happens at an emotional level and changes are most effective when they are directed at the Subconscious Mind.  Did you know that it’s 20 times stronger than our Conscious Mind?  The therapies that I use work well with physical and psychological problems because even physical problems often have an emotional link.  Once you know this then you realise that it’s all to work for and you don’t have to stay stuck, in a place that you’ve out grown, any longer.  


Feeling alone, sad, anxious?  Less like you?




Are you focusing on what you don’t have? 

Or on what you do have?



Would you like to wake to a better you? 

What would you change?



                                                                     Below I’ve listed some of the issues I can help you with:

  • Exam nerves

  • Bereavement

  • Smoking and other cravings

  • Guilt and shame

  • Stress
  • Weight loss – please contact me for details of my 5-week holistic program.