These therapies can be stand-alone although, my preference is to use them in combination to produce permanent results effectively and often, quickly.  Why don’t you take a quick look at the short explanation I have put for each of them?  The strength of them is that you can take back your control:

  • You can learn self-help techniques to set you up for the rest of your life.
  • If something is so traumatic you really can’t talk about it, then we can find another way to work with it. Often simply addressing the fact that there has been a trauma/upset allows us to break the emotional attachments that still affects us.
  • You always retain control in a safe, non-judgemental environment.

Within the therapies described below I use a combination of techniques including:

  • Mindful awareness
  • Eye movement desensitisation
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Positive affirmation
  • Reframing
  • Imagery
  • Visualisation
  • Inner Child Work