What are Childhood Issues?

Childhood issues can vary according to each family, but the usual consequence is that people who have had a dysfunctional childhood often grow up to have emotional issues.  These can manifest in many ways but include: Alcoholism, Anxiety, Depression, Drug Abuse, Eating Disorders, Self-Esteem issues etc.

They can develop difficulties with confidence and limiting self-beliefs which hold them back although they may not realise the origin.  Thoughts such as ‘I’m unloveable’, ‘I don’t deserve to be happy’, ‘I’m not good enough’ amongst many others feature strongly in their perception of themselves.

They often present with depression, relationship problems and feelings of worthlessness.

How Can I Help?

Using Emotional Freedom Techniques aka Tapping and/or Hypnotherapy we will work together to remove the negative emotions, minimise the bad memories and re-frame the childhood beliefs that were formed at this time.  We will also, consider the role of forgiveness and self-compassion in the healing process.

Often, the roots which started in childhood were reinforced throughout life creating neural pathways in the brain and coping mechanisms which no longer serve.  Once we have identified the early events that caused this reaction, we use EFT and Hypnotherapy to eliminate the limiting beliefs that have been formed, and we create new positive responses in the brain.

The process can be extremely quick when you consider that we are dealing with things that you have likely carried with you for decades.